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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Things You Miss........

This past weekend we went to my brother's graduation in Houston, TX. I was so proud as I watched the little boy who used to eat his lunch before he made it to school walk on the stage among his peers to graduate with a JD. I also watched the look on my mother's face and I could see how proud she was and hear her take that great, big, breathe. My mother is one amazing woman who has been our rock through everything we three have lived through. I look at her and it's a constant reminder of who I can be. This woman has lived through a lot and yet the people who see her think otherwise. I sometimes watch the way my husband is quick to get near her. When we go to the grocery store, the question on his mind is "does your Mom like this?". If I am in a room with them, it's almost as if I have melted into thin air. When he sees my nephew, the world ceases to exist. This Man is teaching me to be the best Wife that my Mother taught me to be.

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