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Friday, April 13, 2012


Wow, it has been a long time since I have written anything. Let's see, a lot has taken place but the best part of it is I'm still laughing. I am still learning how to be 'a good wife'. I have learned that the key is patience and never going to bed upset. So I have decided to throw in a little "domestic" training to see how things will go. I started with the dishwasher and I quickly discovered that I have to post a not stating when it's time to put the clean dishes away in order to free the dishwasher. I then moved to making meals when I'm at work and he's at home. The first time I took before and after pictures of the kitchen (but I should have taken before and after pictures of my face). The food turned out amazing but I had to pray for my kitchen. I decided to make things easy and leave a list of what the main meal should consist of in-terms of what protein to use and gave him the opportunity to come up with the sides. I am just not brave enough to add the laundry to the list yet, but I am sure one of these days I'll be able to do so. Through it all though, we have been laughing at how funny it is to see the way I am having to let go of doing everything my way and letting him have a role in "taking care of" our home. I love the look in his eyes when I tell him I have some projects for him to do. I can never wait to see the end results every time. I know I'm spoiled rotten by this man but God I love him. He makes my heart laugh even when he's trying to be difficult. I cannot wait for the next 100 years because I'm going to still be laughing.

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