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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beautiful People!

When God made man, He took a good look at him and decided to give him something pretty by making woman. Then God decided to make more people in different shades and sizes. People were, and still are, so ignorant that they separated them into two major groups: black and white. I believe that God took a look at the division and decided to give the so-called 'inferior' beings something else. He made black men so beautiful that every woman wanted and still wants one. I find it sad that when I look around me I see some of these beautiful men working hard to reach the top and yet the ones who were given another opportunity just wasting it. It just hurts me to see these 'brothers' channelling all their assets into one direction. The select few that have decided to lift themselves up keep looking back and hoping that the younger ones will follow in their example. I work with some amazing men, both black and white. They have been to places only one can dream of and have some awesome stories to tell. There is one who's father was a mathematician and anothers was a scientist. Wow, what an amzing life they have had. I wish there was some way to shine the light on things like that to make all men, black and white, aware of their capabilities.

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