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Saturday, August 27, 2011

'A whole new world'

I have always been the one who said 'no' to it all along. I wanted to be the free-spirit and never have to answer to anyone or share anything including myself. As I got deeper into this relationship, I realized that in order to be complete I had to share myself with someone. There's family and then the partner that you will share your life with. That person makes you see a part of you that you have never seen before. The person I got was a direct answer to what I had been asking God for. I never made any specific request except to get a good man. The day he walked to my door I knew that he was the one. We have been through it all but we both look to one person and one person only, GOD!! He is the answer to everything no matter how hard or easy it is. I like the way I can talk to him, laugh with him, cry with him, play with him and just simply be myself. I am so grateful that even in the hardest of times he is able to hold my head up high even if I keep looking down. He always reminds me that "God will not bring us this far to let us fail". I love this man very much and cannot wait to start this new journey in our lives.

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